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Woman hair removal

Your hairs that constantly grow back and the boring chore they inflict on you on a daily basis? Come and discover our depilations with low temperature honey wax or disposable strip wax specific for sensitive skin. Put the depilatory cream, the razor, the electric epilator in the closet and entrust your hair. Harmonie-Spa offers you:

  • Armpit hair removal.
  • Back or chest hair removal.
  • Whole face hair removal.
  • Hair removal Half-.
  • Forearm waxing.
  • Whole arm waxing.
  • Half Leg Waxing.
  • Whole Leg Waxing.
  • Lip or Chin Waxing.
  • Lip and Eyebrow Waxing.
  • Eyebrow Waxing Cleaning.